Tuesday, July 9, 2013


By the end of the summer, we will be moving into my in-laws house, for a multitude of reasons. With my husband still in school, it will be a money stress reliever, beyond anything else. We are extremely lucky to have a home where we can go to and are welcomed!
We will be occupying two of the upstairs 4 bedrooms and the walkout partially finished basement. We are slowly working on packing up our stuff and making room for ourselves in their house. I will take plenty of before and afters, but for now, here is the basic floor plan:

We plan to use bedroom #1 as our bedroom, it was the room my husband grew up in. It's a nice cozy, but big enough space. We have secret plans for bedroom #2 that I will reveal shortly!
The basement living space will be our living room/office/dining area/ mudroom. I am working on our furniture layout now. I would like to know what we can keep/ what we need to get rid of or store, before the move!
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