Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedroom Closet Before

We moved here in August of 2007. I was in heaven! We had 14 feet of closet space in our bedroom. 14 feet. 14 whole feet. It was one rod with two shelves above it. I knew at some point we would want to change it and make it more efficient, but it worked for a while.

In November, 2008, we took the old mirrored doors (more on mirrors in another post) off of the closet and removed the old "system." We installed the new system and LOVED it. Nothing like a new closet system to make you stay organized right? I am hoping I was not finished putting everything away... 

Well, cut to today, January 2011 and I am embarrased to say this is what it looks like:

Where did it all come from?!?!?!?! The most embarrassing part of it is, we had organized our some of our sweaters just yesterday. I am on a mission to sort it all out, but with a one bedroom apartment, I can't just pull it all out and properly sort it all out in one day. So to be realistic and not overwhelm myself, I am going at it in sections. When I first set out on this, I thought I would just organize, and sort through for Goodwill later, but it's sort of difficult to know you are putting a shirt BACK in your closet that you will not wear again. So I am Goodwill sorting AND organizing. There was only one (really cute and sweet) thing standing in my way.


  1. There was no way I could pull all of ours out either. Oh my goodness we have SO much to go through. I may not get this challenge completed until next weekend. Whew!

  2. It is also a lot to absorb! You spend months shoving more stuff in, how can you take just one day or even one weekend and be done? We will have to compare progress :)

  3. Your closet really isn't in that bad of shape. I have to clean mine out periodically too...haha

    PS - your dog is adorable! What breed is s/he? I have 2 precious fur babies myself. :) They are the light of my life.

  4. It could be worse I am sure! We think Sophia is a beagle/terrier mix. She has the beagle howl and nose. We know her mom was a terrier mix but the rest is a mystery! We LOVE having a dog, although, I do miss being able to go away whenever and for how ever long I wanted :) Still wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. What kind are yours?


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