Sunday, March 6, 2011

Digital Pictures

Between my camera and phone, I take a lot of pictures. Mostly of our family, our friends, our puppy and for my blog. This week's A Bowl Full of Lemon's Challenge  was fairly easy for me. Because I have so many pictures, I keep them organized by date. At first, I organized them by friends or family, now it is by "shoot date." When I upload, I choose to upload into a "shoot date" folder. So months worth of pictures are automatically uploaded into folders by date. I then put them into the year's folder then the month's.

My main picture folder

Further Divided by Month (with some "date unknown" downloaded pics)

And further into a shoot date folder

I use Picasa to upload. I like it because when I download my pictures onto my computer, I can simultaneously upload to my Picasa web albums, which backs up my pictures! I don't upload my pictures as often as I should, so being able to back them up, at the same time, helps me stay organized.

Within each shoot date folder, I divide the pictures by "fb" and not. "Fb" pictures are"facebook appropriate" pictures, mostly pictures that people want to see of themselves or are okay with others seeing them! How do you organize your photos?

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  1. Great job! Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one who organizes by shot date.
    {Retrohipmama from She's Crafty}


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