Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why We Live Where We Live

When we bought our place, we were thinking we would live there for 2, maybe 3 years. Tops. Hello 4 years, nice to see you! Yep, 4 years later, we are still here!

Here is why we like it:

1. We pay a small mortgage (even though we paid more than it's worth today, boohoo) and a small condo fee that includes heat & hot water. We thought paying a low condo fee (relative to other complexes in our area) that included heat & hot water would be fantastic, other complexes didn't offer heat & hot water in theirs. Except, we end up living with our windows open in the winter. We can control our heat and it is still wicked warm. Like 75 degrees + on most days.

2. South facing windows rock! We get incredible sunlight all year long and all day. It keeps our electric bills low (we hardly have to turn on a light during the day.) With an large overhang and a huge deciduous tree outside we get all the direct sunlight in the winter and none in the summer. Here's hoping they never cut that tree down! Also, they look out onto the courtyard, which most of the time is empty. Sophia and I enjoy sitting in the sun (I cover up) on a blanket. It's always nice and quiet out there.

3. Low maintenance. While our friends spend weekends raking, mowing and planting, We spend weekends finding fun places to bring Sophia :) Or, just watching baseball (only 7 more months!)

4. The location has it's perks. It is close to the highways, very close. Of course, neither of us work right off the highway, but our commutes are both 8 minutes. We are central to shopping (about 10 minutes to Costco and Target both north and south) but, nothing is really any closer than that.
It is also just a few minutes from a few of my favorite restaurants,  Lattitude where they serve to-die-for fried brussels sprouts with chili aioli sauce. Another fab restaurant right near me is The Federal, they have incredible truffle risotto balls as an app. The best part is they have free passed hour-devours on Fri evenings in the bar area. My friend Tenney and I take advantage of that about once a month. Michael's Pasta in a Pan  is always a nice place for good dinner as well. We are also super close to Max's Tavern @ the Basketball Hall of Fame. Another restaurant that I did not enjoy very much just closed down at the Hall of Fame and a second location of Mama Iguana's is opening in it's place. I can't wait to have some margarita's on their patio this summer!

5. Confined space is key. If I have managed to fit this much furniture in a 650 sq ft, 2 room (1 bed) apartment, how much money would I have spent on a larger space? I don't even want to know! Also, we have 2 tvs so even if we are separated, watching baseball in one room and Bravo in another, we can still talk to one another. Although, I always forget, we don't talk during baseball. Maybe that's why I am not a fan?

6. Not close to anyone we know. This may sound like an odd thing to like, and it is. We often loathe the fact that every time we have to go to friend's or family's houses we have to go in the same direction over the river, "why did we move to this side of the river????" But, with our family and friends in both hometowns, we kind of like being apart from it all. I work at my parents house and spend a fair amount of time in their town. We like going 8 minutes away, over the river to sleep at night. No one ever stops by, which in some ways stinks, but I don't have to keep it clean, so that rocks.

7. House hunting it no fun when it's for real. I love to dream and walk through houses. But, I sort of do that all day with work. And my husband? He isn't the most fun to look with. We have found houses that we both like, then my dad, aka: buzzkill, comes along and kills it for us (usually for good reason.) I also have a good understanding about how much things cost to change. Even if we DIY, things still cost a lot. So, for now, we are staying put.

Anyone else staying somewhere they like, but don't love, to live?

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  1. Amen girl! Houses are a LOT of work and they cost crazy money to re-do and fill with stuff!! My hubs and I both remember fondly when our life was much simpler in our 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1200 sf 1920's bungalow. But a couple of kids and 8 years later we wouldn't change a thing!! Except he may have chosen to not do all my crazy projects!! ;) Enjoy the simple life!!!


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