Monday, April 25, 2011

Floor Plan

I always find, looking at a floor plan makes it easier for me to visualize a space. I wanted to share with you a simplified floor plan of our condo (with furniture in place.) I know, we have far too much furniture, but most of it is for storage, which we desperately need. We have plans to rearrange our bedroom furniture (and possibly get rid of a dresser.)

On any given day the living room chairs are placed in different spots and on different angles. The tv wall isn't centered on the couch wall so the stand is not centered on the wall and the tv is not centered on it. Follow me? But, it is somewhat more centered on the couch! Did I mention my husband has a book obsession? I know, go to the library right? Not for him, I have seen him re-read books upwards of a dozen times. The man loves to read and re-read. Whatever floats his boat, but it means we have 3 bookcases filled with books with worn spines. I know what you are thinking, "holy closet space!" You are correct. We have a ton of closet space. We have already done a lot to optimize what we have, but, we have even more plans to do a whole lot more! 

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