Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painful Hutch

We have this hutch.

My mother scooped it up for next to nothing over 15 years ago. My sister had it for a long time, then I inherited it. Whoop-dee-freakin-do. Okay, it's not terrible, it provides some nice storage, it is fairly soundly constructed and it was free to me. It is ready for a face lift. Not the botox kind of face lift, the nip-tuck kind. We have changed the hardware from the weird brass-type-substance that were the handles. It also had glass doors, who knows where those are now, they aren't wanted here! Because it stores a lot, I can't take 2 weeks to do the project, I need to have it well planned ahead of time.
I thought of replacing the back board with bead board. Then I found out that they make bead board textured wall paper? Has anyone used it? I am thinking that might make more sense. I think the main part of the hutch will be white to match the other white in the space, like these and this . I was thinking of painting the beadboard (actual or wallpaper) the accent blue from the other walls . I was looking for some other inspiration online...

It also needs some shmansy new hardware. I think I will have to see what the end "look" is. But I am loving these:
They would help my collection grow!

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  1. I have a hutch like this. Right now it is cluttered full of stuff. Can you tell me what you put inside it. I don't know what to fill it with. Yours looks great. I love the little birds.
    Sam @ I love organising


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