Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Make Them Think it is Daytime!

Many years ago I heard/read (I don't remember which) a reason for painting porch ceilings blue. In my opinion, this is one tradition, like toile, that should never fade away. The reasoning was: people believed (I don't know when it started) that to keep the ghosts & evil spirits (Haints) away, they would paint the ceiling of their porch sky blue or "Haint Blue". The sky blue color would make the ghosts believe it was daytime and they wouldn't haunt the residents. It is such a pretty and simple tradition to carry on. Once I heard this story I started noticing porch ceilings more and more, the minute I buy a house with a porch the ceiling is getting a Haint blue color! But, for now, here are some pretty images of porches...

If you have a porch, go pick out a fab sky blue and scare those Haints away!

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