Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Well, it was worth a shot! After we got rid of our TV armoir (I only have a picture of the bottom part and Sophia's butt, sorry!)

we got this Ikea TV bench

We didn't just throw out the old one, my aunt needed some extra closet space in her new house so we took out the tv shelf and she now uses it as a wardrobe. It was beautiful, but it was big and bulky and stuck out into our little room too far, visually it was just too heavy. 
We love the lower height of our TV, the space that seemed to be freed up, but we were left with a big empty wall :(
Thankfully, I have lots of frames on hand. I rearrange wall hangings a lot, so I always have homeless framed art floating around. So after waiting for the cable repairman this morning, this is what happened...(hello, flash!)

I have some more gold frames that I need to work in. I like gallery walls that have all matching frames, but I also like a mis-matched wall. And, I happen to have a bunch of mis-matched frames, even better! All of the pictures/art mean something to us. The little unframed one is an oil painting my cousin had done for us, of my parents house in Maine, as a wedding gift. It is adorable and we LOVE it, just needs a frame. It is so hard to pull the trigger on the perfect frame, for now I am using a plate hanger. 
I think I like what I have going, but I have also already taken one of the frames down... We will have to see how the wall evolves! 

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