Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banquette Follow Up

Last week I wrote about my newest dream of banquette seating in our dining area. The only thing getting  in the way of my dream is $$$ (isn't that always the problem?) I am sure I could figure out a low cost way of achieving this look by scouring stores and websites (CraigsListEcoBuilding Bargains, goodwill, etc.) But, we already have 6 chairs for our table, so why not try and use them? So I started moving furniture around!


I put tow chairs together on both walls. Then I moved the table to be 18" from both the back and side walls. 

Because I am not using bench seating, I created a void in the back corner. With such a small space, I didn't want to loose so much real estate. So I moved my newly painted table to that corner. 

I will have to rearrange the pictures and move the swing of the light fixture to be centered on the table. But, for now I just arranged some accessories.

I think, for now, I like it. Let's see what my husband thinks when he gets home!


  1. Love your blog, I found you from A Bowl Full of Lemons link up :) I also live in a small space, it's hard at times making it work!

  2. Thanks for linking this up to our Wicked Awesome Wed. link party!

  3. This looks good. You could actually get more of a feel of the banquette if you did a long cushion that went across each of the two sets of chairs & maybe added a simple slipcover over each set as well. That could give the appearance of your bench seating. Anyway, just a thought. Sometimes my mind works in over-drive. LOL!!!


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