Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring cleaning has begun!

I know it's only March but somehow I feel like it is no longer "New Year's Resolution Cleaning," now it is "Spring Cleaning." Also, it helps me keep that resolution going just a bit longer. Living in a small place like ours, is like living on a boat. Things just need to be shifted and cleaned out constantly. So I began with a few kitchen cabinets and drawers that had not been touched recently.
This is our utensil drawer, not terrible but there was a bunch in there we either don't use or got a better version as a wedding gift.

This is the utensil drawer after...

I moved the frequently used items to the front and the not so frequently used items to the back. We have a TON of measuring spoons, we only need one set normally, but when we are doing a lot of cooking, it is nice to have the backups. I also kept the extra tablespoons in the front, as I use those for coffee measuring in the morning. In the bottom left corner of the drawer, we have our awesome pan scrapers. I don't know what we did before we had those things!
I also worked on our cabinet that formerly housed our dishes. Since they were moved into a different cabinet, it has been having an identity crisis. It holds medicine/dog treats/dog medicine/coffee/hot chocolate/mugs/tea. You name it, it's in there. Unfortunately, I didn't take a true before picture, but here it is a version of before.
My mugs were stacked on one another, it made me very nervous! Now, after I bought the shelf for the shelf (is there a better name for it?) I no longer feel like I am taking my life into my hands when I open the door! I also bought screw top canisters at the Container Store. It took me FOREVER to choose the "one." I really like them, they are air tight, take very little effort to screw the top on AND are dishwasher safe. I think I will be buying some more shelf for shelves, they work so well!

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