Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Birds

Since spring teased us here in New England last week with warm, sunny weather then SNOWED this week, I am looking for some spring-y items for inside. Over the last few years I have started a mini bird collection. In all honesty, I found a super cute bird beer bottle opener when we first moved in.

Some napkin rings

And these salt & pepper shakers

Then my sister gave us these s&p shakers

Then somewhere along the line I bought this one

Then I found this dish, which I use for jewelery, at Goodwill (I love that place and probably spend more time there than normal)

Then I bought this candle at Pottery Barn (I always carry a large purse to put purchases in. That day was no different, the only issue was the tail must have snapped off. Oops...)

I spotted this little one at a gift shop a couple of weeks ago and HAD to have it

My aunt made these mugs for me. :)

Do I have a bird obsession? Not the live ones, I actually find live birds weird and sort of dirty. It's probably because I don't know enough about them. So for now, I will admire my little collection.

I was looking around Etsy for a new bird, there are some super cute ones. Hmmmm, which one to get?

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