Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Portmerion Pt 1

For Christmas my wonderful mother gave us 10 sets of our Portmerion Botanical Garden dishes to add to our previously slow growing collection. It was a wonderfully thoughtful gift. Until we got home and reality set in: we have a 7 ft x 7ft kitchen. So my space planning abilities kicked into overdrive. The cabinet I needed to house the dishes currently had our glasses in it. So, I had to move the glasses, but where to? To a bookcase that housed DVD's in the living area of course! I unloaded the bookcase and moved it into the kitchen/dining area and loaded it with glasses. I am thrilled with the result (for today.)

The bookcase originally came for free from a friend's parent's porch, it was headed for the dump. I rescued and painted it :)


  1. It looks great! Clever idea!

  2. This is super cute & so organized. I'm following now! JenT

  3. This is a really clever & practical idea & saves space, too. I've been kind of poking around your blog & see that you have some very good ideas for maximizing your small space. I enjoyed your post about the banquette. That looks like it would be a terrific idea. I am now a new follower & hope you might follow back.


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