Monday, January 31, 2011

Things I Like

I work in the home design industry. I draw blueprints to build from for additions, renos, kitchens, baths and new homes. I do not make decisions on color or furniture choices for clients. With that being said, I do appreciate good decor. I think we all have a tiny decorator inside of us, we like and dislike colors, trends, furniture, styles, etc.
I am very frugal, partly because I am from an old New England family and old New Englanders tend to be frugal, and partly because we are young and don't have a ton of money to spend on nice things! Let's not forget, where would I put more furniture in a 650 sq ft condo? A girl can dream about pretty things. I online and in-store window shop a LOT. A few things have caught my eye recently, some I love and some I question.

Crate and Barrel Bench I love how simple and versatile it is. Ottoman, extra seating, entry bench, end of bedroom bench.

Sarah Richardson Couch Um, hello? How comfy and elegant does this look?

Garnet Hill Blanket Simple, pretty and warm. With all this snow (and more on the way) I don't think there is anything more cozy on your bed than a nice heavy blanket.

Simon Pearce Lamp Perfect for every room in a house. I love how light it feels but how beautiful the craftsmanship is. I am a little obsessed with all things Simon Pearce. 

A picture of the Pearce home kitchen from A Boston Globe Article

Things I don't understand:

Keep Calm and Carry On signs. They seem over used. I don't mean to pick on Etsy, or the artist. I know they sell. Are we already looking back thinking "you must have bought that in 2010?"

Pottery Barn Dining table Who wants the head of the table seat? Where do you put your feet? Wedge them under the cross bar with your shins against it, or put them on it? 

Stool I just don't get these. They look like they belong on a patio. Why are they in offices, living rooms and bedrooms? What can up use them for? Too short for a end table, too small for an ottoman. Maybe a glass of wine? 

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  1. I agree the "Keep Calm and Carry On" Posters market is getting a little oversaturated but they have some interesting history. They are actually originally British WWII posters to keep up citizen morale...


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