Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Unanticipated Water Feature

Last night, while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Pt. 2, I heard "drip, drip, drip." I started to look around and right there, on our window sill, we had water. YIKES! Now, I know plenty of people who's roofs have leaked, mostly caused from serious ice damns. I know a fair amount about building science to know that although we are not on the top floor of our building we weren't totally safe from the ice damns on the roof of our building. A few days ago icicles began forming ON our building, attached to the brick, completely.

But the way the water has entered our space I was not anticipating. It is coming from the top of our window casing. It is not at all on the drywall covering the header, just the window casing.

We put towels on the window sill and floor below, but, a few hours later the towels were sopping wet. So we replaced the towels with cups that sat on top of the bottom sash of the double hung window.

We went to talk to the condo management office for about 15 minutes. When we got back the cups had fallen over and broken. We managed to find a few plastic cups around, but those filled up about every 15 minutes, so how would we sleep tonight?
*Light bulb* Get the water from the top of the window to a big bucket on the floor. Given the fact that we are snowed in, I needed to work with what we had already. Our leaky window is 21" wide, so I cut 8 pieces of tin foil roughly 23" wide. I overlapped the tinfoil by about 2" and taped it. I layered them like you would layer siding or roofing, to create a continuous easy path for the water to drain. The tape is on the back, hopefully it will stay dry that way and not interrupt the flow of water. It's ain't pretty but IT WORKS!

And it oh so nicely collects all the dirty water in a bucket down below. YAY!

I love winter. I love snow. But I would REALLY love to not have water pouring into our home. Cheers to a dry Thursday!

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