Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Launch Pad Challenge

This is our launch pad in the front hallway

I made our key cabinet before we moved in. It was an old medicine cabinet that I painted and put new hardware on. I also added hooks under one shelf for the keys. The cabinet works well for us, it holds keys and "stuff" that we would need when we leave. It also has a mirrored door, which is great for a final check on the way out the door. In total, it cost about $15 and it works pretty well for us! Definitely needs to be cleaned out this week though.

Gloves for dog walking up top, a fish painted by our dog hanging on the side, and an angel to keep us safe on the door knob.

Inside we keep dog waste bags, a kit to re-key our front door (not sure where else to keep it where I would find it,) bug spray, flashlight, extra dog collar, pool passes, keys and a tape measure. 

Next to the key cabinet is a hook for the dog stuff. Leashes, harness, waste bags with a set of keys on it, and a little argyle fleece for chilly days.

Below the cabinet and dog hook we have a shoe tray to try and contain the excess amount of salt that is used on the property, to be honest, it doesn't do half the job I thought it would. 

Our "back hall" is all of +/-10 ft from the "front hall." It used to be home to a coat tree. I couldn't stand it and my brother-in-law was looking for exactly what we had. Now it is his and it fits much better in his home than ours. I didn't know exactly what would take it's place, so for about a year we had no home for our regularly used coats, etc. 

Then I found these little gems at Ikea for $9.99. I bought 2 and they are perfect! A bit unorganized at the moment, but that is what this week is for, right?


  1. I'm loving the idea of using a medicine cabinet by the door. We have zero in the way of an entry area where we enter the house (in the back). I need to try something like this.

  2. Kim, we LOVE how it has worked for us. And it really doesn't take up any space! I highly recommend it. :)


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