Sunday, February 20, 2011

Craig's List "fun"

We have been on the hunt for a new coffee table. We have a coffee table that my mom purchased at a tag sale for my sister's college house. It was $15 15 years ago. It has been used by my sister, my parents and now by us, I think it may be time to hand it off to someone else. Either that or the base donated to a new Craig's List purchase. 

We really like having an oval table. Every other piece of furniture in our room seems to be so linear, it's nice to have a curved piece, and round would be too big for our space. After weeks of looking I finally found a coffee table and matching end table (which we didn't really need but it was being sold together.) The coffee table needs some fairly major repairs, so it won't move in for a while, but, the end table got a good scrub down and seems to fit well! 
It was pretty yucky in all the crevices. The woman said it had been her son's set. Seems like he was a dirty guy! I used a pot scrubber to get all the caked in grit off.

It's new spot! 
When it get's a little warmer out I will give it a new coat of paint, the light wood doesn't really "go" with anything we have. I will also tackle the repairs and repainting the coffee table at the same time. Can't wait!

In searching for the coffee table I came across a living room chair (I click on everything that looks remotely interesting, regardless of what I need, I am nosy!) I looked at it, moved on, the realized "we have that chair!" I quickly, went back to look, different color cushions, but it matched our living room chair! This past fall my aunt moved into a smaller home, we did some furniture swapping. She ended up with our t.v. cabinet and converted it to a bedroom armoire, we ended up with a kitchen table set and a living room chair. 
This is the chair from my aunt:

And parts of the new chair (mostly wear and tear shots):

I didn't take any pictures of the new chair with the cushions on. Let's just say they were less than sanitary. Here is a picture of our dog laying on the back cushion, I was slightly worried that it was too dirty for her to lay on. 
The red doesn't go with ANYTHING that we have. It is going to get reupholstered as soon as I make up my mind about what fabric I want to use. 
I love the paisley on the right and the two toiles on the left. The stripe is a bit too "stripy" for me and the paisley second from the right's colors don't really work for us. I have an obsession with toile, I LOVE it. The paisley matches our wall colors exactly. Any suggestions?

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  1. That white and blue fabric on the left looks beautiful.


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