Monday, February 7, 2011

Leaky Leaky!

This past week I have spent most of my time trying to contain the water coming into our condo. We moved everything (furniture and electrical cords) away from our window wall towards the center of our room. Still, a chair got soaked as did the carpet under the windows. As the leaks got worse, water started to ooze from the drywall around the windows. Some paint started to actually bubble, we poked small holes to let the water drain out.
Here are some during leak pictures:

Waterfall from top of window and under windowsill

 All the leak spots on one window

Bubbled paint

Ceiling damage

Today there is no leaking (day 2, knock on wood!) We still have the tin foil waterfalls set up. I would have left everything as is, knowing full well that more leaks could happen, but I can't stand the chaos. The wet carpet needed to come up and the furniture needed to go back. I am hoping to salvage some of our old carpet and have it bound. So today I cut up the edge along the window wall.

The hardwoods are, obviously, in not the best shape. But there was so much moisture I discovered in the carpet and the tack strips (there was an old tack strip and a new?) that I am very happy to have cut it up.

I had taken down some of our blinds, I am very hesitant to put them back up. Maybe when the snow all melts?

On a happier note, I helped a friend pick out a paint color for her new kitchen at Home Depot. While I was there, I picked up a new kitchen mat. I needed something new and sunshine-y in the kitchen. And for $12.99, why not?

Is anyone else having snow-woes?

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