Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Productive Tuesday

Today I helped my aunt air seal her basement. I have recently completed an air sealing technician training. Simply, air sealing is used in conjunction with insulation to restrict air flow. We were attempting to keep warm air in her home by insulating the joist bay pockets. 
Joist bay pockets are the area where your floor joists intersect your rim joist. This is a great picture from National Energy Audits. Her joist bay pockets were not nearly as clean or evenly spaced (the house isn't exactly new.)

For partial payment she gave me a bunch of gold  frames for a future project and some round black framed mirrors. I love goodies from people's basements!

I am going to put the mirrors up in the bathroom along with a few other frames. We aren't huge fans of our bathroom in general. I will show why in a later post. It's pretty ugly! I have tried my best to make it nicer and I think a mini gallery wall might help.
We have no natural light in the bathroom so our flash doesn't really show the color very well. This is the wall that will have the gallery wall.

This was my first attempt at laying it out. It seemed to be missing something.  

There was another black framed picture on another wall of the bathroom, so I added it's shape. 

Which one do you like? I am not sold on either, I think I need some suggestions!

I wanted to put something in the square's former spot. For our wedding, we received this gorgeous mirror from a family friend. It was in our bedroom for a while, but never really worked there.

Now it has a new spot in the bathroom and I really like it! (Please, ignore the hideous-o tile, we do!)

 I also tried to organize and contain all of our plastic forks, spoon, knives and cups. We really don't entertain that much (not as much as we would like) and when we do I always like using our silverware and real plates. I love our plates, glasses and silverware, I could not fathom using throw away stuff, especially indoors. That being said, we still haven't used our Waterford glasses. We may need to fix that! For now our plastic and paper lives together in a cloth covered box. 
 It seems to fit nicely! 

If only all of my days seemed this productive...

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